A Comprehensive Guide on How to Earn Money by Writing Articles in 2024

This Step-by-step guide is for you if you never have made money on the internet in your life.

I still remember when I was new on the internet and searching for ways to make real money on the internet

I wasted so much time on many useless websites where I make zero money because making money on the internet is an easy job It’s a harsh reality.

In this blog post, you’re going to learn exactly How I make money by writing online and how you can too.

I earn money by writing an article

I write for my blog- AsadEducate

I write for Platforms- Medium as well as Gumroad by creating and selling digital products

I will also cover How I make money blogging and writing online and what things you need to do in order to make money from home on my Gumroad store

1. Start Writing Online

Share your wins & losses, Write anything, and then hit the Publish button Before making money as a writer first of all start posting online

Why this is important:

Posting online is going to make your writing habits.

Posting online is going to help you improve your writing skills.

Build an online writing portfolio

And I know your next question will be where we should post articles.

Following are the great places to get started:

Medium, Vocal Media, Quora, And LinkedIn

If you are in the early writing stage then I Would recommend you to go with a great user experience platform like Medium

If you are good at writing skill and have the ability to write more words then try Voal Media

I have excellent experience with Quora overall but it’s a great place to make a decent amount of money.

The more professional platform on the internet is Linkedin

And you will get instant feedback on your writing whether it’s good or excellent or you need to improve from valuable community.

And don’t forget to use short content writing platforms like Twitter, share thoughts, build an audience, and make money in different ways like selling their own products and services.

2. Find A Fun Based Niche

Every writer needs a niche and without a niche, you’re not going to be a great writer overall.

Check what you do something you actually like to do and this is a green signal for finding a great & valuable niche for your writing business.

Because only niche can help you to make money over the time in different ways like working as a freelancer.

3. Build in Public

You have a platform

You have a niche

The next thing that is necessary for your business is an online presence

This is the only method when a client comes to you they discover your article online or on social media

That’s why It is a great plan to build in public and get clients.

But your work should be engaging and valuable.

4. Basic SEO Matters the Most

Google represents your work to your target audience if you learn the basic SEO Like keyword research on-page SEO etc.

This is the only method that helps me to make up to $84 a day in blogging with SEO and you can too

And now I plan to offer my blogging and SEO services as a freelancer on Fiverr to make some extra cash


In the end, I just want to say you start writing online, write as well as you can with quantity also focus on the quality because this is going to open many doors for you.


Go with something you like to write about

Publish it online

Repeat the process.

All the processes will be very easy for you if you love writing online because success means nothing if you don’t enjoy what you do.