10x YouTube income: 13 Best Affiliate Programs For YouTubers

As a content creator, you can make a lot of money from different sources but today I’m talking about only affiliate marketing.

Yes, you can grow even 10x your YouTube income with affiliate marketing. But first, you need to know which affiliate programs are best for you as a YouTuber. So that you can easily maximize your earnings by doing affiliate marketing on YouTube.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have on YouTube you can get started with affiliate marketing even with 100 Subscribers and make commissions.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the overall best affiliate programs for YouTubers that give you as an affiliate great commission.

At the end of this article, I will give a secret way where you can boost your affiliate income quickly and effectively.

Now let’s start with the list of affiliate programs with payment Methods.

1- Fiverr Affiliate Programs. (Payoneer)

Fiverr is a very popular marketplace that connects clients with freelancers and you can as a YouTuber start promoting other people’s freelancer gigs through your unique affiliate link and make a commission.

Commission Rate Upto 30%

2- Amazon affiliate Programs. (Payoneer)

It is one of the most trusted affiliate programs that allow you to create an account and refer customers to Amazon and make a commission by promoting products.

Commission Rate Upto 10%

3- Bluehost Affiliate Programs. (Paypal)

If you have a blogging, online business-related niche then the Bluehost affiliate program is for you.

Commission Rate Upto 65%

4- WarriorPlus (Stripe, Payoneer, Paypal)

Every single day people as a vendor launch their services on Warriorplus and you have a great opportunity to make money by promoting Warriorplus services on your YouTube Channel.

Commission Rate Upto 50%

5- Jvzoo (Payoneer, Bank Transfer)

It is another amazing affiliate program like warrior plus Join Jvzoo create an account and choose your niche-related services and start promoting online.

Commission Rate up to 50%

6- ClickBank (Payoneer, Paypal)

If you want to make a good amount of money as an affiliate then Clickbank is for you. But keep in mind with the higher commissions also you can face large competition on Clickbank.

Commission Rate up to 75%

7- Impact (Payoneer)

It is an all-in-one affiliate program. There are many small and new companies that contribute with impact and as an affiliate, you can make 20 to 30% commission on every small you make through your link.

Commission Rate up to 20 to 30%

8- Canva Affiliate Programs (Payoneer)

Canva is an all-in-one tool people love to use for different purposes such as making YouTube Thumbnail, creating unique images for your blog post, and more.

Commission Rate up to 30%

9- Commission Junctions (Payoneer)

There’s a little bit of a difference between impact and Commission junctions or CJ.

Commission Rate up to 40 to 50%

10- Udemy Affiliate Programs (Payoneer, Paypal)

It is the most trusted platform where most people love to buy courses on different subjects. So as a YouTuber go with udemy affiliate programs and make your first dollars in affiliate marketing business on your YouTube Channel.

Commission Rate up to 15%

11- Convertkit Affiliate Programs (Paypal)

Convertkit is an all-in-one email marketing tool and people love to use it for different needs such as how to get leads, how to create a sales page,s and how to get more and more customers quickly and effectively.

Many bloggers use convert kits tools for selling their online courses to audiences.

Commission Rate up to 30%

13- Medium (Stripe)

It is a free blogging platform where people share their thoughts and ideas with the Audience.

Commission Rate Upto 50%

Now let’s move to the bonus tips that I promise with you at the beginning of the post which is how to boost affiliate marketing sales continuously.

For this, I highly recommend you to start a blog yes, a blog can make up to 20x more than your youtube channel Here are my 7 simple steps blogging success strategy just follow and make passive income with affiliate marketing.


However, these are the overall best affiliate programs for YouTubers but keep in mind, there’s no shortcut way to make money with affiliate marketing. First, you need to learn more about affiliate marketing and also how to start in the right way.