6 Best Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing- Make $1,000 a Month

What are the best low competition niches for affiliate marketing especially in 2022? A lot of people ask me if I want to make real money online with affiliate marketing and what do I need to do. Simply you need to find the overall best low competition niches for affiliate marketing business that’s why I’m here.

In this guide, I’m going to share with you some of the best, most profitable, and high-earning potential niches for affiliate marketing with low competition.

If you are new in the affiliate marketing business then, first of all, these are the things I wish I knew earlier. Given below are 10 things I wish someone teach me before when I started my online journey as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Without making your own blog or website It is impossible to make consistent money with affiliate marketing.
  2. It is not a Quick rich method for a lot of people, especially in the beginning start thinking that they will be a millionaire with affiliate marketing within the next month.
  3. First of all, You need to learn properly how to start an affiliate marketing business with no experience.
  4. Read some success stories or failure stories on Google and YouTube related to affiliate marketing.
  5. Keyword research matter a lot in this business model.
  6. It is the only business on the internet that support more to keep going.
  7. In the beginning, start with Amazon as an affiliate and gain more and more knowledge about affiliate marketing.
  8. Don’t forget to provide legal information to the customer if you want to promote your own or other people’s or company products for a long long time.
  9. You don’t need to buy the products first and then promote them to customers.
  10. You need to find successful mentors on YouTube who are already successful affiliate marketing businesses and start learning from them.

Affiliate Marketing in a very easy and simple language.

Now, What is affiliate marketing? Here is my own research-based definition of Affiliate marketing so that you understand it very well. Affiliate marketing means working as a content creator and promoting other website products or services on your own blog or website and when someone makes a purchase through your specific link you will get the commission.

The commission could be %50 or 30% etc. But when you start with Amazon as an affiliate then It will allow you to make up to 10% commission on every sale you get.

Why Amazon is the best for your Affiliate Marketing Journey?

It is easy to join and use. According to the research, Everyone wants to shop online and 90% of people out of 100% like Amazon due to the best quality products, more trusted platforms, fast shipping process, cheap rate, etc.

In the affiliate marketing business, the hardest work is getting first sales but if you go with Amazon then I will guarantee you that within the first one or weeks you will be able to make your first dollar online as an affiliate marketer.

24 hours cookie period is a great opportunity for you to get your customer back on Amazon.

Fast payment process without facing any kind of issues.

Now let’s go back to the main topic which is how to find the best low-competition niches for affiliate marketing business. And I think it is one of the best and most profitable ways to get started as an affiliate. Why because you’re completely new or already tried but failed before due to some other reason?

The 6 Best & More Profitable Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing Business.

Affiliate niches for 2023

Which niches are best for affiliate marketing Given below are the overall best niches for affiliate marketing? But note I mainly target only Amazon.

  1. Microwave oven [It is a home and kitchen niche]
  2. steam irons [It is also a home and kitchen niche for you]
  3. Walking canes [It is a health niche]
  4. Projector [It is an electronics niche]
  5. Promote Headphones and earbuds [It is also an electronics niche]
  6. Printer The most searched and highly recommend niche for affiliate marketing.

Why these are the best and most profitable niches for affiliate marketing? Because right now in the market these are the overall best niche categories that sell more as compared to the others.

Why do I select a Microwave oven as a Niche?

Best Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

First of all, When I type this keyword in Google trends you can see that in the last 12 months this keyword or niche getting consistent traffic from Google search results that’s why it is best for you and for your affiliate marketing journey.

How to do Keyword research for this Microwave oven niche?

As you know I already discussed that Keyword research matters a lot in affiliate marketing Use ahref keyword generator free tools, semrush for free and ubersuggest tools remember they are not 100% accurate but you can target them in your affiliate article. The other bonus tip is that Use Google here is the live examples.

I want to give you one-by-one results and you can apply the same method to the other niches that I mention.

This is an Ahref result I share with you.

Best Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

This is a Semrush Result I share with you

Best Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Below is the Ubersuggest results I share with you.

Best Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

The more accurate result I personally Like to use when I do keyword research for my own website.

Best Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

You can also narrow down it if you want like “Best Microwave oven under $100 for 2022” Don’t work on these keywords which have more search volume according to the search target those keywords are low in search volume and also less difficult for better performance.

The End:

I hope you must like my simple and easy method how to choose the best low-competition niches for affiliate marketing and how to do keyword research for affiliate marketing etc with full attention. Now it’s time to take action from today.

And also learn how to write more user-friendly content for affiliate marketing businesses and start making money online as soon as possible,

However, This is the overall best and easier method I share with you in this guide also feel free to read my other article related to your queries, and don’t forget to share with your friend who is also looking for the best ways to start an affiliate marketing business in very simple and easy steps.

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