8 Best Niches For Blogging with Low Competition [Make $1000 a Month]

In this guide, I will share with you the best niches for blogging with low competition and also with high search volume. If you’re looking for good and profitable niches with more search volume then this article is for you. Trust me this is very important for your blogging career Because I have already failed many times in blogging the reason behind this is choosing the bad and interest-less niches or topics.

What are Niches for blogging?

There are two kinds of niches in the market the first one is the Micro niche and the second is the multi-niche. Micro niche means working on one specific topic like Affiliate Marketing and Multi niche means working on different categories or topics on the same blog or website such as affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, digital marketing, and more.

Which one is Best Micro Niche or Multi Niche?

It totally depends on you, why if you have good knowledge in different topics then start with multi-niche and create content on your blog and start making money online with blogging.

But If you’re a complete newbie in the field of blogging and just want to start then I highly recommend you go with the Micro niche.

How to Choose a Best & Profitable niche for blogging?

Before starting a blog you need to know about how to find the best and most profitable niche for your blog. It is a very simple and easy process but here is the easiest method of finding a niche.

1. What is your Passion?

2. What topics are trending in your industries?

3. Write down some keywords related to your niche that you want to write about.

4. Do you Research first in the market?

List of 8 Best Niches for blogging with low competition & High Search Volume

Here is the list of best niches for blogging with low competition but high search volume. The good thing is that you can easily monetize your blog fast with affiliate marketing and also with different ads network such as google ad Sense, Ezoic, mediavine, etc.

1. Home and Kitchen

As Microwave ovens Easily monetize with Amazon as an affiliate.

2. Affiliate MARKETING

Promote other people’s training courses on your blog and make money with blogging easily monetize with Clickbank, Digistore24, Warriorplus, and jvzoo, etc.

3. Cooking

Most people want to learn about cooking so create content and then get a ranking on google.

4. Software and Applications

Trust me this is an amazing topic for your blog if you want to start a successful blog and rank on google in a short period of time.

5. Promote Domain and hosting

The domain is the name of the blog and hosting is the place where your text, images, and videos are stored. Join a different domain and hosting provider platforms and write content like where I can buy the overall best hosting for my blog or best hosting in 2022 etc.

6. Cricket News Blog

Personally, I like to watch cricket matches every single day. So if you have some interest in cricket then turn it into a profitable business.

7. PROMOTE Online Course

Get partnership with Udemy, skillshare and Fiverr write content and start making money online with your blog.

8. Online Or Offline Jobs

Again it is an awesome niche idea that I want to share with you. You can target your own both online and offline jobs as well.

Final words:

Hopefully, you like today’s guide where I teach you how to choose the best niche for your blog. If you have any questions then comment below I will give you an answer as soon as possible. But the extra and bonus tip that I want to give you is that take action today.

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