Blogging income report 2023- How Much I’ve Made After Writing 7 Blog Post.

Once again, I’ve come up with a new blogging income report 2023.

The previous month, I Published 11 blog posts and in May I just wrote 7 blog posts and all blog posts are informational.

No product reviews blog post.

And how much I’ve made?

But before I want to tell you that If you want to start blogging in 2023 then still it is a very profitable business.


But all the techniques have been changed. Blogging is not about writing one 500-word or 300 words blog post every week and making money with your blog no and nothing.

This is the only mistake I did in my blogging journey now I’ve planned, how to take a blog to the next level.

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My Blogging income report for the Month of May 2023..

And the answer is $10.20 cents.

Blogging income report 2023

Currently, My Blog is only monetized with the Amazon associate program.

Questions? Why not Google Adsense?

I’ve applied more than 11 times for Google Adsense and only received an unfortunately message all the time instead of Congratulation.

Anyway, The length of the articles matter’s a lot when comes to getting Google Adsense approval.

As I discussed that in order to grow your blog then make sure you need to write a long-form article minimum of 2000 words article or more.

However, check my google analytics and Google search console results of my blog.

Here as you can see There are many ups and downs in my Google search console graph.

On average 10 clicks per day organically.

How Many Page Views in the Month of May 2023?

And the answer is 1194 and on average 30 visitors per day from all traffic channels such as social, direct, and even other sources too.

That’s the report I shared with you

Also, I have revealed to you the mistake I make and the lessons I learned in my blogging journey.

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