Blog Income Report For March 2023: How I Earned $163 This Month

Check my blog traffic and income report, I will show you how I started the blog and how much money I have made with my blog in the 2nd month.

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March 2023 Blog Income

My blog income comes from one source, and for me it is easy to share with you all the income reports screenshots,

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Here’s an earning proof of my biggest platform Amazon:

My Blogging Income Report in the Month Of March 2023

Total March 2023 Blog Revenue: $163.66

Now let’s discuss the expenses of my blog on monthly basis.

Hostinger (Hosting)

How many articles did I write for my blog in the month of March 2023?

The answer is 10, Yes, I have Published ten articles on my blog.

9 articles informational and 1 commercial.

It’s time to move to the important topics which are

How Do You Make Money With Your Blog?

No doubt, there are several ways to earn money online, but for me, I have one source of income

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In March 2023, I made $163.66 with my blog through Amazon affiliate marketing, Simply recommended it to other people’s Amazon products, and earn a commission when a user makes a purchase something through your referral link.

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