Blogging Income Reports- Here’s How Much I’ve Made in April 2023

Blogging income reports are a great way to get inspiration especially if you’re just getting started. In fact, in today’s article,

I will share my last month’s blogging income reports with you.

In other words, How Much I Have Made in the Month of April 2023, and what’s my future plan in “Blogging”

Are you ready to turn your Passion into passive income side hustles then blogging is a great option for you.

But check my last month’s blogging income report.

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A Beginner’s Guide– How to Start Money Making Blog in 6 Easy Steps.

Let’s move to the Topics.

Blogging Income Reports- In the Month Of April 2023

Basically, In the Month of April, I Just Wrote 11 articles in 30 Days.

1 Commercial and 10 Informational articles Check this if you want to know what’s the difference between a commercial article plus an informational one.

Earnings Report for the Month of April 2023.

Here as you can see that I just make $4.38 cents in the Month of April And when comes to my Medium blog I make 296x more than my WordPress blog.

As I shared with you in my previous guide that

I have to monetize my blog with the Amazon Associate program It is super easy to make money by blogging using Amazon affiliate programs.

However, Are you want to know how much money I have with my Medium blog then feel free to check this:

I have 35 Articles in 30 Days — My Stats And Earnings.

What’s my future plan for Blogging.

I have plan to monetize my blog with Google AdSense. Yes, another great way to make money with blogging is by displaying ads on your blog and enjoying earnings.