Can You Make Money on Vocal Media- The Ultimate Guide For Beginner’s

After Writing so many articles related to Vocal media such as how to go with Vocal as a part-time online job, people still ask me if can I make money on vocal media. So this is a step-by-step guide even if you’re a complete newbie and don’t have any knowledge about vocals.

This is not only a post where you learn exactly how to start making money online without investing also you can consider it as a Question and Answering session. Because today I want to be really honest with you that what you need to do.

How Much Can I Make On Vocal Media? ( Minimum and Maximum)

The first question is how much can I actually earn on Vocal Media you have any ideas? Yes, If you want to Make up to $75 a Month online then Vocal media platforms are for you. Yes! Making $75 a month on Vocal is not a difficult process Because Vocal offers you different bonuses and this is the only reason I personally like to use Vocal every single day.

Here is the latest Bonus list I have received so far on Vocals!

Can You Make Money on Vocal Media? Step by Step Beginner Guide.

Is Vocal Media Better than Medium?

The answer is no. Why according to the research, Medium is a passive source of income. People are making thousands of $ every month with Medium. But if you want to make some instant money for a short period of time then Vocal media is a great place.

Who is the real Owns Of Vocal Media?

It is an online content publishing platform created by Jerrick Media. It is the platform that allows you to monetize your content and make money online in less time and with less effort.

How to get Started on Vocal Media as a complete newbie?

Here is the step-by-step guide for every user who wants to monetize their content!! With some pros and cons according to my 9 months of experience with Vocal Media.

  1. Sign up for Vocal media and you have multiple options choose one of them. 2.
Can You Make Money on Vocal Media? Step by Step Beginner Guide.
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2. Add some Basic Details and link your stripe account.

3. Start writing content today on Vocal Media

How does Vocal Media Work?

It offers you two plan which is free and Paid. In the free version, you can make up to $3.80 for every 1,000 reads or views but if you’re a paid member of Vocal then you can make $6 for every 1,000 reads or views.

Now let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of Vocal Media!


It is a very beginner-friendly online writing platform.

You don’t need to have any good experiences in writing which means Write anything you want and make money online.

It offers you different bonuses of up to $100 when you complete your 100 stories or article on Vocal Media.


It is not a passive income source as I mention Earlier to you.

It has only Stripe payment options.

your article should be 600 words long.

It has an approval process every time when you write a story must be submitted for approval and normally vocal media takes 24 hours to 72 hours.


As you see I have explained everything related to vocals. But once again I recommend you don’t miss out on this great opportunity, start writing today not tomorrow because no one knows what will be next! Hopefully, you like this short and valuable content I shared with you!