How I Made $114 From Vocal Media- Earn Money by Writing on Vocal Media

How to earn money by writing on vocal media? Or what are the best and easiest ways to start making money online just by writing stories or articles? if yes then this post is for you!

In today’s guide, I share with you my vocal media earnings which mean I have made $114 from vocal media. Now let’s go back a little bit about how I started writing on vocal media. and also some other things that will also help you to become successful in vocal media.

Is Vocal Media legit If yes give me proof?

Basically, vocal media is an online writing platform, and also it is a gift for content creators I personally work with vocal media because it supports me financially. It is not a passive income source but is still good for you if you need some kitchen money.

I took it seriously in Feb 2022. I don’t like to write lengthy stories why do vocal media publish or accept those stories that you write 600 words or more otherwise you will not be able to make any kind of money with vocal media.

I only repost Medium stories on it. Sometimes Vocal accepts my stories and sometimes I face rejection but don’t worry It is an awesome platform for you if you want to make your first $ online within a week or less.

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Vocal Media earning proof:

First of all, here is the income proof that I have made on vocal media.

Earn Money by Writing on Vocal Media

Yes, $114 I have received $52 so far, and $61.62 is pending. Usually, vocal media takes 3 to 5 days during withdrawal time. for further discussion visit the vocal media official Facebook page or Twitter account.

Why do I like to write on Vocal Media?

It is true I write for money the best thing I found at Vocal is called bonuses. what is meant by vocal bonuses? in the above images, you can easily check out all the received bonuses.

sometimes $5, next time $10, and even $50 when you complete 50 stories.

Earn Money by Writing on Vocal Media

What do you need to do as a complete newbie?

As I discussed before that it is a 100% legit site which means you don’t need to worry about it being a great place for making money online.

Vocal media offers you two choices which are vocal and Vocal plus.

But if you’re a complete newbie then I suggest you don’t enroll in vocal plus it cost $50 for one year.

How to create a stripe account for vocal media?

It is very simple and very easy all you have to do is create a Payoneer account first simply search for Payoneer create an account fill up some basic details such as full name email address etc.

Fortunately Vocal offers you two choices which are a stripe express account and a stripe standard account don’t confuse which one is best for you I’m here with you this is the only problem a lot of newbies face especially on vocal media.

I already published a video on my youtube channel about what are the best ways to create a stripe account if you want to get payment from vocal media.

A step-by-step video practical guide on how to create a stripe account.

don’t choose the stripe standard option if you’re from the outside USA but if you’re inside the USA then the stripe standard option is for you.

However, select stripe express options and then add some details such as once again full name and same email address after that congratulations you have successfully created your Stripe account. How to get paid from vocal media into a Payoneer account.

Normally Payoneer offers you different countries’ bank accounts, for example, first-century bank accounts simply copy these datils and add them into a stripe express account.

How to get reads on vocal media?

I think this is one of the major issues in vocal media. But personally, I like to use Quora, Pinterest, and Facebook groups. Join some spaces on Quora related to your niche add your pins to Pinterest boards and don’t forget to share your vocal media stories in different Facebook groups.

Updated Parts:

After 5 days Vocal approved my withdrawal.


consistency is the king I know writing is a hard job but it is the only skill that can change your life forever so be consistent and work hard every day to improve your knowledge and try to learn some new things to improve your writing style, techniques, and strategies, etc.

Anyway, hopefully, you must like my post don’t forget to comment to me if you have any kinds of questions. Thanks for reading have a nice and great day today.