(5 Proven Ways) How can I Increase My blog traffic in 2023

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can drive more traffic to your blog, And you will see using these ways how I’m able to increase my own blog traffic.

I know that blogging is very tough for some people and the reality is they don’t know exactly how to increase blog traffic,

Now here’re the 9 ways you can use to increase your blog traffic & visitors.

The “Author Bio Link”

This is a very unique way if you want to increase your blog traffic.

Like this:

Write a clear bio, who you are and what’s your field then add your blog link.

Most people use different platforms but in my case, Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, and Medium are my favorite ones.

Update Older Blog Post.

Mostly as new bloggers, we skip this part, But we can’t realize the importance of updating old content.

How to Update old blog posts?

Of course, Add more engaging words in your blog post, Latest, and up-to-date information helps you a lot in building an audience.

Create & Publish Long-Form Blog Posts.

It’s a reality that long-form content gets more readers as compared to short ones. I know it’s not an easy to write long-form content but with practice and research, I hope you will be able to achieve this milestone.

Interlinking Blog Posts with Each Other.

There’s no shortcut ways if you want to get more page views except interlinking. But remember they must relate to each other.

Like this, How to Use Pinterest for blog traffic in-depth guide in (2023)

Create and Publish (List-base) Blog posts

A blog post with “numbers” attracts more readers as compared to the other normal blog post. This way increases the chances of clicking more people on your blog post.


No doubt, still SEO is working, and for this, for getting ranking higher in Google you need to write problem-solving and useful content for an audience.