How I Disconnect My Stripe From My Medium Account

Are you looking for a easy way

How to disconnect Stripe from your Medium account then, I am sure you Have reached to the great place.

Because I will tell you, how?

In a practical way, how I disconnect my stripe from my Medium account.

It is super simple but most people doesn’t know how?

How to disconnect the stripe account FROM Medium?

The good thing is that you do not need to contact with Stripe or Medium team It is time consuming process because you are the only person and you’re going to disconnect it.

Let’s get started!

First of all, login into your Stripe account simply search

Then open the main dashboard of your stripe It looks like this

This time, It is linked to My Medium account now, I want to disconnect for many reasons here is how.

Go to settings at the top right corner and click on it

Now, choose the option Installed apps

It will redirect you to the next page like this

After that, check this It shows you, your Medium account, and the date when you connect

At the bottom of Installed Apps

Please wait, and now click on the minus sign It will show you this pop message read this if you really like to read, otherwise my suggestion to you is that click on the remove button without wasting more time

Congratulations! Your Medium account has been successfully disconnected from your Stripe account.

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