How I Grew My Blog Traffic in 30 Days- Rank Higher On Google.

What is the best way to increase your blog traffic quickly and effectively?

In order to get traffic to your blog first you need to learn how to structure a blog post, and your readers will love to read, and Google will love to rank in the top ten positions.

According to my own experience if you’re here that means you’re looking for ways to get traffic to your blog.

Keep reading, I will tell you the exact same strategy I applied to my blog.

Almost nothing to 2k visitors according to the Semrush tools.

Let’s discuss the key points you need to know in order to drive traffic to your blog even as a complete beginner.

Write a Good, SEO Optimized Blog post.

How to Structure a Blog Post that Drives Visitors?

In writing a blog post you need to keep in mind two things,

Readers will read your blog posts.

Google will rank your blog posts.

In other words, Write a good, User Friendly, and SEO Friendly blog post in order to increase blog traffic.

According to the experts, both are essential

Become an expert in both things.

I have a sample plan for this It is too easy and too fast.

Focus on Low competition, low difficult keywords, and great eye catchy headlines for your blog posts.

You are not alone, Just stay with us.

I will tell you exactly how this process works.

In my case, I’m going to use a free keyword reach tool called ahref (A free Keyword Generator Tool). It is paid keyword research tool but allows you to use some sections for free.

Open it and add keywords in the search bar.

So, I’m going to add my keyword “Laptops” I know It is a too high, competitive keyword as a beginner blogger you can’t rank on this keyword.

Add lengthy, in other words, long tail keywords.

“Best Laptops for Beginners”

It is a long-tail keyword you’re going to target in your blog post.

Now it’s time to make it more eye catchy and more clickable so that readers will love to click on it and ultimately read your blog post.

7 Best Laptops For Beginners ( My Top Picks For 2023)

By the way, You write your niche-based title and also add relevant keywords.

Great titles are not enough it’s time to write good engaging introductions for your blog so that you can easily boost your blog traffic.

Start with Questions.

I know It is not easy for you to write a great introduction but a single thing will help you a lot to do this process which is called practice.

Practice every single day.

Read other blog content and see how they write their blog introduction get ideas and then start writing for your blog.

This is the personal method I shared with you in order to get traffic for your blog.

If I can do this, with basic writing, and SEO experience then why not you? You are more knowledgeable than we just take action.

However, these sample strategies will take your blogging growth to the next level.