How I Made $187.03 With a Single Blog Post

It will be more easy for you to monetize your blog post if you are using Medium. What is this, How I Made $187.03 with a single blog post?

In this article, I’m going to share with you my exact step-by-step plan to write a blog post and then get paid.

The Good thing is that write anything you want!

Any niche you can target and then start earning money on Medium by Writing blog Posts.

But If you want to write better content then I would suggest you choose one niche and become an expert into.

What Is Medium & How to Earn Money With Medium?

It is a free blogging platform you can use, write content and then make money.

Let’s start with My Earnings Proof in the Last 50 Days with one blog post.

How I Made $187.03 On Medium With One Blog Post

My Blog post received 4k views in the last 50 days.

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Pro Tips For Making More Money On Medium by Writing Blog Posts?

I have studied many tips, and techniques you can use on Medium in order to generate more and more revenue.

But here are my practical advice.

1. Eye-Catchy Headlines

2. Use New and Amazing Images.

3. Write an Engaging Subtitle.

Above are the Techniques I Personally Used on Medium and after that I will able to generate good income as a writer.

Remember, It will be easier for you if you have a schedule to practice every single day how to write engaging headlines plus content so that more and more people read your content.


Another fantastic way to increase on Medium then you need to write for Publications. It is a group of many people who are interested and they love to read and share your content.

Submit your Blog post for Publication.

But first, you need to join some Publications as a writer then you will be able to submit your content for Published.

The more blog post you wrote for Publication chances are you make more money.

Let me know in the comments section what is your experience with Medium and How much Money You have made with Medium’s top earnings blog post or the Lowest Earning blog post On Medium and any advice you want to share with my audience.

In the end, I just want to say you that there’s no “shortcut to success” and If you are a writer then you have to be consistent and improve your writing knowledge just like me and your time will come.

It took to me 20 Months to reach at this moment and I hope you work on these tips that I discussed with you to be honest within a few months you make more than me and you have a large audience than me.

However, I have more than 8300 followers on Medium and I have published more than 850 blog posts in the last 20 Months.

It is possible to earn passive income but first, you need to have a clear plan of what you are going to offer as a writer.