How I’ve Made More than $1,319 by Writing Articles in 9 Months ( Using Free Platforms).

You have heard it right, that In the last 9 Months, I have made over $1,319 by sharing 1 article per day.

Two things are more important So, one is the right platforms and two are valuable words.

And I have choose the right and free Platforms.

In fact, In this post, I’m going to reveal to you my journey as a writer and more importantly can you make money on Medium?

If yes then how? If not then why not?

Because I’ve received a lot of comments on my Medium article?

How to Make Money Online on Medium? And how to Join Medium Partner Programs? etc.

To be honest, Medium is a great platform for making money online. It takes some time maybe 6 months, or one year’s.

Most writers complete their first $1,000 threshold in the first six months etc.

There’s no perfect time of success, It comes fast if you have the ability to work hard. Yes, Now, Let’s check my earnings, and then I will answer your most frequently questioned.

Here’s as you can see, my earnings on Medium.

Below $100, below $200, then $300, and then Finally I have achieved the $300 target on Medium also I have complete 9000 followers.

It’s means making $10 a day on Medium is super easy.

Here’s my Medium Profile link if you want to know more about me and my journey as a writer and learn exactly how to make money with Medium.

How to Make Money On Medium?

In order to make money on Medium first these are the criteria you need to fulfill first.

You have at least 100 followers

You have Published at least one article before Applying for Medium Partner Programs.

You have lived in these countries listed in order to join the Medium partner program

Also, read and check whether your country is listed or not.

Above are the main criteria you need to complete first then you will be able to make money from the medium otherwise you need to start your own blog which is an alternative for making money online by writing articles.

Start your own WordPress blog and make consistent money online.

How Much Money You Can Make With Medium?

Again Medium takes time, maybe one year, maybe two years, and even more after that you will be able to generate passive income Like Eve, She’s making up to $100+ even a day passive income on Medium.

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