How to Get 100 Followers On Medium-I Have 3200 Followers

I know that a lot of people search on Google each and every single day about how to get 100 followers on Medium. that’s why I’m here. In fact, In today’s article, I’m going to share with you one of the best and easiest methods that can help you to achieve your first 100 followers on Medium.

Here are the overall best books on how to start making passive income online on Medium.

Right now I’ve 3200 followers on Medium here as you can see.

How to Get 100 Followers On Medium-I Have 3200 Followers on Medium

Usually, I started working on Medium in August 2021. Almost In Sep or OCT, 2021 Medium Changed its role for writers if you want to get paid on Medium then you must need to have at least 100 followers then you’ll be eligible to apply for the Medium partner program.

What is Medium and What is Medium Partner Program?

Here is a quick overview of the Medium-plus Medium Partner program.

Medium is a user’s friendly free blogging platform that allows you to start your blogging career today with zero $ investment.

And Medium partner program is the way where you can get paid each month on Medium. But again before applying for the Medium partner program you need to complete your first 100 followers on Medium.

Don’t worry I’ll show you some of the overall best and easiest methods where u can easily get your first 100 followers on Medium.

So if you’re interested and want to know the exact strategies then keep reading!

Without further delay let’s dive into the post.

This is a step-by-step guide on exactly what you need to do!

1. Find 100 followers related article on Medium

Simply use the Medium search bar and type the 100 followers keyword or find a 100 followers-related topic at the bottom of your article.

You’ll find trending and great articles.

select 10 to 15 maximum articles and save them to your reading lists.

2. Start writing a response

Trust me, these are the writer who actually trying to help you. First of all, write a good response and appreciate her article.

Second, introduce yourself in just a few lines and who you are. Let’s see I’m a writer, an Amazon Affiliate marketer even a blogger, etc.

Other tips are Clap, Reply, and Follow Back

Again this is very important, On Medium you need a long-term relationship with your audience. Once you have followed some writers on Medium then don’t try to unfollow this is a long-term business again it is the reality that if you want to succeed in business then you must need to fan followers.

This is the only trick method I applied on Medium Now I have 3200 followers.

I hope this article, will help you a lot Thanks for reading.