How to Get Followers On Medium- 5.7k Followers Journey With Medium

How to get followers on Medium what are the best, easiest and fastest ways to achieve 100 followers or more on Medium? Because Every new writer wants to know, the secrets, and the techniques for getting followers on Medium.

Recently, Medium changed its Medium partner program policy in order to monetize your Medium story first of all, you need to have at least 100 followers then you’ll be able to make money online just by writing articles.

First of all, here as you can see I have more than 5.7k followers on Medium, And I start writing for Medium in August 2021 without any writing experience or knowledge.

But in today’s guide, I will share with you some simple and easy ways to gain more and more followers on Medium.

If you’re interested then keep reading now without further ado let’s dive into the post.

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5 Ways to gain more followers on Medium as a New Writer

#1- Write valuable, interesting, and problem-solving content each day on Medium for at least the first 30 days.

#2- Join Medium-related Facebook groups and try to interact with them.

#3- Respond to every comment that receives on your Medium story and in return engage with them.

#4-Write for Publications rather than Self Publishing.

#5- Start your own publications and add more and more new writes into it.

These are the overall best, fully applied methods I shared with you in this short guide, hopefully, you like and thanks for reading!

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