How to Make Money Blogging On Linkedin in 2024

As an individual are you looking for ways how to make money through blogging then you have come to the right place.

In this post, I will share with you a step-by-step guide on how to make money by blogging on LinkedIn

I will also show you proof of how people are making money through blogging using LinkedIn

Before going to the post, let’s discuss a little bit about LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

It’s a social media platform just for professional people It allows users to create a profile, share information about their work, and contact other professionals.

Is Linkedin Safe?

Like other social media platforms, it’s a great place to promote your business or get your first freelancing job.

Benefits of using Linkedin?

Here are some benefits of using LinkedIn as an individual

Find a Job

It’s a great place for those people who are also, looking for a job in their field just design your profile and add some keywords based on your knowledge and the experience you have.

Share you work

Share your work worldwide using LinkedIn, and the work will be in different forms such as articles, videos, etc.

Connects with people

As you like blogging same on LinkedIn many people are successful in blogging they are sharing their thoughts and experiences which makes you successful in blogging now connecting with people you know.

But our main purpose is just how to make money blogging without making now WordPress blog.

Because the competition is too high it will be very hard for you if you have no idea how to do SEO for your blog, especially in 2024.

So, the best advice is to go with LinkedIn.

The following steps are very important for every individual

Complete your LinkedIn profile: This is the first thing that every client, or company will see before taking the next steps.

Your name, a good-looking image, and a clear bio of who you are and what is your expertise.

Such as in my case,

How to Make Money Blogging Using Linkedin in 2024

Add keywords: Always use relevant keywords this is because it’s made easy process if someone is looking for a person with your skills and experience.

Be part of Groups: Join groups on Linkedin, and contact new people in your field. This is another great opportunity for both new and experienced bloggers.

Engage with other people’s content: First start engaging with the LinkedIn community and build a strong relationship how? just comment on other people’s posts, and articles, and make sure your comments are relevant, informative and you have added some value.

These are the overall best pieces of advice that are going to make your LinkedIn journey very powerful.

How to start a LinkedIn blog?

Your LinkedIn profile or page is your blog just start writing articles on (LinkedIn page or profile) and monetize in different ways.

How to Make Money Blogging Using Linkedin

It’s easier than you think there’s no technical skills are required.

How just looking inside the image, first of all, add a unique, SEO-optimized title, then write a valuable and engaging introduction after that start sharing your thoughts and experience

How to Make Money Blogging Using Linkedin

The word length matters a lot, in other words, both quality and quantity are working especially on LinkedIn

So make sure your article should be greater than 1000 words.

How to Monetize your Linkedin article?

As I tell you it’s easy to rank on LinkedIn and monetize your article in different ways

Affiliate marketing: promote relevant products and services in your article include links and earn commission on every sale that is made through your unique link.

Like this, I just type a keyword with “best”

How to Make Money Blogging Using Linkedin in 2024


The LinkedIn article is ranking first position even in Google search results this is a great way to make passive income by promoting other companies’ products.

Create and sell your products and services: If you have an ebook and course then first write a complete article on it and share your ebook or course link to make sales and money.

Promote your bands: If you have a WordPress or Medium blog then redirect LinkedIn traffic to it write promote sponsor content and make money.


LinkedIn is a very valuable networking platform that targets professionals but be specific to your needs and goals because this is going to be an excellent option for your future business.

Don’t forget to share your previous experience if you have with LinkedIn thank you for reading