Vocal Media Reviews (2024) How I Made $113.91 Writing on Vocal Media

If you want to make money online by writing, I will introduce you to vocal media.

In fact, In today’s guide, I’m going to share with you my vocal. media reviews and what I learned after publishing 87+ articles on vocal media platforms in the past 2 years.

More importantly, here’s what is my overall experience with Vocal.Media

I also share with all of you How I make money and how you can earn money on vocal media.

By the way, this is a complete guide and I share with you everything you need to know to start making money online by writing articles on vocal media.

Here’s What I’m going to discuss in this article of curse

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What is Vocal.Media?

It is an online publishing platform that allows us to share their knowledge and experience and in return make money.

How Vocal.Media Work?

If you are a normal writer or member for every 1000 views make 3.80 cents

If you are vocal plus members For every 1000 views made $6.

How Can I Make Money On Vocal.Media?

There are several ways you can start earning money on vocal.media

Such as based on views, and engagement.

Get tips from readers by sharing valuable information.

Vocal Challenges, Join vocal Plus, and then you will able to win vocal challenges.

Promote your own business and also build an online presence.

How to Create An Account on Vocal.Media and Make Money?

It is a very joined vocal.media

Create an account if you are a complete beginner

Click on the signup button.

After that submit your first piece of content and wait for approvals.

How Much Can I Make on Vocal.Media?

There’s no perfect answer to this question.

There are several factors involved

1, Write a lot

2, Your content should be more unique and valuable.

3, Win Vocal Challenges

4, Join Vocal Plus Memberships.

How Can I Withdraw My Money From Vocal Media?

The minimum withdrawal at vocal.media are $35

But if you are a Vocal Plus member then you can withdraw up to $20.

And the payment method is accepted at vocal.media are stripe.

How Much I Made on Vocal Media?

I’ve made more than $115 in the past 2 years. Because I’ve stopped working on vocal media check this:

How to Make Money on Vocal Media

And I’ve successfully withdrawn $113.91 into my stripe account.

However, It’s best for making extra income but for making passive and regular income then I would suggest you start your own business.

In my case, my recommendation is blogging learn how to start money-making blogging in just 6 easy steps.