How I Made $300 on Vocal Media As a Beginner’s

In today’s article, I’m going to talk about how to make money on vocal media or what’s the best and most simple ways to earn money online by writing on Vocal Media. 

I’ll also show you is that Writing on Vocal Media is worth it or not, especially in 2022.

So if you’re interested and want to know how to start making money online by writing on vocal media in 2022 then keep going with this article.

You know that in my previous article I talk about “how to create a blog for free and make money online” But today I’m going to share with you another best high-paid free blogging platforms which are called Vocal Media.

What exactly Vocal Media is?

What is Vocal Media and how to make money with Vocal Media? It is also a free blogging platform like Medium, substack, etc. But it is a very beginner-friendly platform as compared to Medium. But I’m a successful writer on both sites too.

Vocal Media Is Legit or Not? Vocal Media Reviews in 2022

Yes! Vocal Media is a 100% legit site on the internet. Last month I made almost $32 and some cents on Vocal Media and also Vocal Sends my payment into my Stripe account. Here as you can see some of the earning proof of Vocal Media.

So here as you can see vocal media earnings proof.

Vocal Media earning dashboard
Screenshot by authors

How to write the First story on Vocal Media.

Now how to write the first story on Vocal Media as a Complete Newbie? In fact, it is very simple and easy what do you need to do? Simply search on Google, for “Vocal Media” Create your account which is free, and then start publishing stories on Vocal Media.

Vocal Media Bonus Explanation

The reason most people like to work on Vocal Media is Vocal Media Bonuses. Yes! I’ve received many bonuses from Vocal Media.

How to Make Money On Vocal Media
Screenshot by authors

Here as you can see the latest bonus was $5 that I received from Vocal Media for reaching 1,000 reads which is awesome.


Keep going on Vocal Media even if you’ve not any technical knowledge about blogging. I hope you enjoy this article about how to make money with Vocal Media Thank you!