3 Actionable Steps How to Make Your Blog More Visible in 2023

If you have no traffic on your blog that means you have no value on the internet. And I hope you are agree with what I say to you!

Getting traffic organically is a little bit hard not too much you have heard about it. I have realized that It is too easy to get traffic from search engines as compared to the other ways.

Yes, In this post, I’m going to share the 3 actionable steps on how to make your blog more visible and ultimately get more and more traffic to your blog.

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How to get Organic traffic to your blog?

Keep in mind, Organic visitors have more value as compared to the other visitor I have received from other sources.

Why there are more chances that they’re converted into clients or customers?

Sell your products or sell the services you’re offering online.

There are several things you can do in order to increase organic search traffic for your blog.

1- SEO (Search engine optimizations) Keyword optimized and SEO-optimized content.

SEO is all about doing everything according to the google search engine.

Search engines suggest you write helpful and quality content on your blog in order to rank higher.

Let’s divide it into sub-steps.

On-page SEO For Your Blog.

In the beginning, you just work on on-page SEO Such as

keyword research, good headlines, eye-opening introductions, short paragraph, and easy-to-read content in your blog linking one article to another article.

Off-Page SEO For Your Blog.

It is an advanced step but more important than the first one.

In these steps, you need to find people in your niche and send them mail to help you to promote your blog on their blog and give to you a follow link.

It will help you to get a high ranking in Google.

You can easily outsource all the things I discussed with you with the help of SEO Companies’ Primelis

2- YouTube- Free and target audience for your blog

It is easier for you to get traffic to your blog from YouTube.

Good titles, an eye catchy Thumbnail, low competition, and easy-to-rank tags will support you a lot in order to get traffic to your blog using YouTube.

Don’t show your face just record a screen and upload it on YouTube.

I know It’s not too easy for you to use YouTube as a traffic source but It is better than running ads on Facebook and getting low-interest people on your blog.

Just start today and then after that, you’ll be able to generate high-quality traffic for your and make your blog more visible.

3- Pinterest-More valuable traffic sources.

If you’re not using Pinterest for your blog traffic then I think you’ve no idea of digital marketing to be honest you’re missing a massive opportunity without excuses.

Pinterest itself is a search engine.

People use it every single day to drive more and more sales and lead to your blog.

According to the research,

Visitors most of the time used Pinterest to find the products and services for their needs. It means you have a great opportunity to sell products on your blog to the Pinterest audience.

Key points in order to succeed on Pinterest.

It’s a platform where users can easily decide whether to click on your blog link or not with the help of images make sure you have a piece of great knowledge in creating and designing eye catchy images for your interest pins.

Use Canva, which is a free tool to create thousands of high-quality images for Pinterest. Consistency is the key to success on any platforms I shared with you in this post but especially on Pinterest the more pins you create on Pinterest the more traffic you will get from.


Long Story Short

These are my overall best ways if you want to know how to make your blog more visible. Remember there’s no secret or no shortcut way to get more traffic on your blog instantly but over time you will be able to generate high-quality traffic for your blog.

Published quality and consistent content on your blog because you never know which blog post will perform well and boost your whole blog just in one night.