How to Promote Blog on Twitter (X)- The Ultimate Guide in 2023

Do you want to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter X? If yes then in this post, I will tell you how to promote blog on Twitter.

This is a complete step-by-step guide if you’re completely new or already have some knowledge about Twitter but you have no ideas or experience on how to use it in the right way and of course, get maximum benefits.

By the way, I want to share with you a quick success using Twitter.

How to Promote Blog on Twitter

I got this ebook sale using Twitter, I have explained everything about how this process is actually start read this story I have Published on Medium.

I know people are making more just by selling ebooks using Gumroad and Twitter This is another separate topic

Our main topic is

How to Promote our blog on Twitter in the right way.

Before going to the way you need to know to get traffic on your blog first make sure the topic of your blog should be valuable.

Educate other people on Twitter if you really want success and drive more traffic.

Personally, I really like to use Twitter why

  • Learning something new on a daily basis.
  • Get Blog post topics
  • Improve their writing skills
  • promote the blog and drive quality traffic

Create an account On Twitter

The first thing you need to have an account with Twitter It’s super simple

Upload a professional Profile

A very professional and nice-looking profile is very important.

Write Short & Clear Bio

It’s necessary for every content creator to explain why they are here and what their primary purpose, Normally I promote my Medium Story and this is why I have written a clear bio that I have more than 11k followers on Medium follow me And I will tell you how to get growth on Medium and make more money though writing.

It’s time to Promote Your Blog

The direct link doesn’t work anymore, So the best is to Create a nice-looking image and write some quality words, and then in the first comments add your blog post link.

And repeat this process over and over again

Because you’re not going get 1000 visitors just from one Tweets.


This process takes time no doubt and what do you need to do?

Proper schedule makes your journey very successful.

Daily minimum 2 and maximum 5 tweets and add as much as you can add value in your blog post even in the tweet,

It’s a very famous quote that starts respecting your reader’s time it’s your future customers.