3 Proven Ways- How to Promote Blog Posts on Pinterest.

If you are not using Pinterest for your blog it means you are missing everything. It is a platform that will help you to build a high-quality audience, rank higher, sell more, and grow your blog.

The great benefit of using Pinterest is search traffic such as Google. And if you want to learn more about Pinterest and how to use it in the right direction and how this platforms boost your blogging traffic.

Rank higher, drive leads, and sales, and make passive income through your blog.

In fact, in this blog post, I’m going to teach you exactly how to promote your latest blog posts on Pinterest. Steal the same strategy that helps me to reach 1 million monthly views on Pinterest in just 90 days.

How to Get Blog Traffic Using Pinterest?

After the search engine, the more high-quality traffic is the Pinterest traffic for your blog.

But unfortunately, mostly new bloggers have no ideas how to use Pinterest This post is all in one solution for you if you have an existing blog and even if you are going to start a brand new blog in 2023 from scratch.

Before going to the topics first of all create a Pinterest Business account.

The 3 Proven Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post on Pinterest.

1. Create Eye Catchy Pins

It is the first step of getting traffic using Pinterest. An eye-catchy image helps the reader or visitor to check your pins and then move to the next process.

For this, I would suggest you create your own unique image with sizes of 1000 pixels to 1000 pixels.

There are plenty of software available that you can use for free and create images for your business.

The most popular and highly recommended software is called Canva.

2. Write an Amazing and High engaging Title.

In the next steps, you need to focus on writing great high engaging titles for your pins.

Don’t write the same title you have written on your blog posts, Make sure you add some extra and valuable text.

3. Add High Converting Description

Description play’s the most important role in order to get traffic to your blog post. Don’t worry if you have no experience in creating eye-catchy images, great titles or headlines, and even high-converting descriptions.

All these things are possible with practice.

Watch some videos in the shape of tutorials on YouTube about how to become a professional graphics designer, how to write a great headline in other words learn copywriting how to convince people etc.

These are the 3 proven ways that helped me to reach more visitors and get high-quality traffic on my blog.

However, a professional profile and a well-written bio help you to drive more visitors to your small business.

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