How to Start a Blog Site for Beginners That Makes Money For You

Do you want to learn how to start a blog and make money in 2023? And are you wondering how to earn money by blogging?

In fact, I have been blogging for more than 2.5 years. I love blogging, and blogging helped me to change my life completely. I will show you my last 10 days’ earnings with blogging.

In 2020, When I start learning, how to start a blog site for beginners and make money I faced so many difficulties. And I spent a lot of time searching exactly what is the best way to start blogging as a complete beginner.

Long story short, I waste most of my time now I’m going to save your time.

No extra speech everything is to the point.

In this post, I have created an easier and more simple step by step guide, on how to start a blog site for beginners.

Blogging is the only online business that can change your life without going anywhere because you can start this business from home this is the one thing I love about blogging.

How to Start Blog in 5 Simple Steps?

I’m going to cover a lot of things you need to know in order to start a successful blogging business but these are the 8 main steps that will help you to get started with a blog.

1. Pick Topics For Your Blog (Based on Passion, interest)

Yes, Pick a topic for your blog, What kind of content are you going to write on your blog? Blogging is not all about writing and writing blogging is all about writing and writing in the right direction.

Otherwise, I Look at a lot of blogs that are full of content but they make no money.

Why no proper method how to get started with blogging and what are the things you need to know first before launching a blog?

I know It is not easy for you to pick a topic for your blog, In this case, follow these steps that might help you to choose the right topic for your blog.

Let’s start with the spare time, yes where you spend most of your time online. e.g by reading books, reading other people’s web content, etc.

More importantly, Check other small successful bloggers.

2. Choose the Right Blogging Platforms.

This is the only mistake I make in time When I started my blogging journey. I select the wrong blogging platforms.

In results, I have received no positive results.

No positive results mean no earnings.

Keep reading I will reveal to you the right blogging platforms.

It is called WordPress. In the USA more than 90% of people are using WordPress in the blogging business. Here’s the distribution

Currently, The post I have written for you is published on WordPress.

Yes, But first you need to have two things now let’s move to the next steps.

3. Select a Domain name and Get Hosting For a Blog?

Basic needs in the blogging business.

A Domain name and hosting.

A domain means a unique address like And hosting is the thing that makes your blog online.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind Before Selecting a Domain Name and Hosting For Your Blog.

  • Your Domain should be too short.
  • Your domain should match your brands.
  • Your domain extension should be (.com) instead of .org, .net, .xyz, etc.

In a time of web hosting, make sure, to choose Reliable and fast web hosting platforms and your blog will be live in seven days and 24 hours.

4. Set up Your Blog & Publish your first blog posts.

Once you log in to your web hosting accounts It is time to choose the theme, and then design your blog to make sure it looks more user-friendly, especially on mobile.

Generatepress is my favorite and all-time recommended WordPress theme you can use for your blog.

Add some important pages such as About us, and Contact Us.

After that publish your first blog posts. It will be easier for you if you have knowledge of your topics that’s why In the beginning I force you as a blogger to choose the right topics for your blog.

5. Monetize Your Blog & Make Money

If you are serious and want to make money with blogging, keep in mind the way you are going to monetize your blog.

And this is the only thing I missed when I started my blog.

At that point, keyword research play’s the most important role.

Optimize your Blog for Search engines.

Get more and more audience on your blog.

That’s the 5 steps and easy process that can help you to start a blog site as a complete beginner.

Let’s move to my last 10 days’ earnings proof with my blogs.

How to Start a Blog Site for Beginners
blogging earnings proof screenshot by authors

Write a lot for your blog and write in the right direction so that your blog will get an audience.

Here’s the blog post format you can use in your blogs.

How to Guide,

Top Lists Blog Posts,

Promote Products and Services in your blog post.

Never feel bad, Blogging is the only side hustle that can change all financial problems you have. It takes time to make sure you never quit blogging.

Improve every day learn some case studies in blogging and motivate yourself to write problem-solving content.