A Beginner’s Guide- How to Start Blogging As a College Students

In this article, I’m going to talk about a very important topic which is blogging. Many people ask me how to start blogging as a college student or can a student become a blogger! so the short answer is Yes.

It is a reality that people are making thousands of dollars each and every month with blogging and they took it as a part-time job in the beginning and then convert it into a successful passive income source.

This post will help you exactly how to start making money online with blogging.

It is a very simple and easy process. Now here is the step-by-step guide on how to get started as a complete newbie.

Without further ado let’s get started,

What is blogging and how to start making money online with blogging as a college student?

I will try to explain everything in very simple and easy language. Blogging means writing something for people on the internet. The primary purpose of a blogger is to write content in the form of blog posts. It means providing value to people that should be free and easy to read. I think it is the first stage to building trust with your readers and after that, you can easily turn them into customers.

What do you need to do?

I know you have a Question that what I need to do if I want to make money with blogging. A little bit of wait. Here is the details answer. First of all, Here is the list of platforms that allows you to start your blogging journey absolutely for free.

  1. Blogger [ Free Google products]
  • 2. Medium [ It is a free platform for all of us and also allows you to earn some extra money and more profitable blogging platforms for college students]
  • 3. Vocal.Media (Online Publisher platforms for writers and also earn some bonuses too.)
  • 4.WordPress.org
  • 5.Wix.com Free version
  • 6. Tumbler.

So if you don’t have money and your writing skills are too weak then I suggest you go with these free blogging platforms.

What is the professional way to start blogging?

If you desire to make $1,000 or more each and every single month with blogging then Keep reading.

Choose a niche It should be interested-based.

Purchase a domain name and hosting.

Design a website and start posting articles on your blogging.

Now let’s discuss the very hard part of blogging which is writing content. 90% of people out of 100% of people in blogging because they don’t know or don’t want to write content for your blog.

Content is one of the important ingredients of your blog.

Here is the format or method of how to start writing content as a complete beginner.

Start with strong Titles.

Use Heading H1 and Subheading.

Keep paragraphs and sentences short.

Write valuable information so that people like to enjoy your writing style.

Be consistent and write a lot every week one or two times.

Final words:

Hopefully, this short article will help you a lot thanks for reading. If you have any questions or queries then comment down below I will reason as soon as possible and sometime within the next 24 hours.