How to Write SEO Optimized Blog Post For More Traffic and Money

Wondering exactly what to do in order to write easy to read & rank blog posts even as a complete beginner?

In fact, In today’s guide, I’m going to share with you the proven method of how to write an SEO-optimized blog post from scratch Here’s how?

I have published more than 860+ blog posts and I have made a lot of mistakes at that time.

Every single day there are billions of blog posts Published on Google What is the exact formula that will help you to rank higher and get traffic

Now what you are going to learn in this Guide.

1. How to Format, a Structure a blog post

2. How to write seo optimized blog posts and things you need to cover to get ranking.

Again this article is the perfect solution for you if you have experience in writing blogs and are even a total beginner.

But before I get started I just you to use some tools that will help you to cover grammar mistakes in your content that’s called Grammarly.

Add as an extension in your browser whether you are using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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Here’s a harsh truth about writing a blog post People Don’t like to read a blog post in which a writer doesn’t use Copywriting.

So make sure you have basic knowledge of copywriting if you have a plan to write a more profitable blog post.

Let’s start with keyword research

It is not easy for you to rank your blog post without doing keyword research there are plenty of keyword tools available in the market that allows you to use it for free and get more valuable keyword for your blog post.

Target low competition and good search volume in your blog post. Now How to find these kinds of keywords, In fact for this I suggest you use some keywords like Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, ahref, Semrush, and more.

Write the same keywords in your title, URL, and introduction if needed other wise avoided instead of keyword stuffing.

This steps will help you understand to search engines what type of content you have Published on your blog and ultimately rank higher.

The next step, that’s called Read other’s people content that is ranking in the top 10 results in Google.

Always keep in mind if you have no time to read other’s writer content then at the time of writing your mind will be empty.

And as a result, you will stop writing.

Read other’s people blog posts get ideas and then start writing more valuable blog posts for your audience.

Write Amazing Headlines For Your Blog Post.

I write this paragraph in my content a lot. And it is more valuable as compared to the content you are going to write in the shape of a blog post.


It will help you to increase the click-through rate and grow your blog.

Use internal and external links if needed otherwise internal is more than enough. Interlinking is the only way that will help you to rank your old blog post.

As I have added in the above section.

How to drive traffic to your blog Post?

In fact, Social Media is a great all-in-one solution for you, But keep in mind you have good knowledge in order to get maximum results for your blog.


These are the overall best and top tips I shared with you that can help you to create a more engaging blog post for your audience.

Remember, your content should be valuable for getting more traffic and generating more and more revenue.