The 4 Actionable Tips to Find Ideas for Great Blog Posts

Wondering how to generate ideas for great blog posts then you’ve come to a fantastic place.

Because I know very well how hard it is when you have some problems with blog post ideas but no more stress and no more distractions I will teach you everything

I have come up with amazing content ideas that attract audiences,

And in return generate more traffic, get more social visitors, and ultimately make more money by selling products and services.

But remember, It will be possible with practice, yes you’re going to receive amazing results in one night.

Writing Whatever you want and whenever is not going to lead you to success.

How to Come Up with Great Blog Post Ideas on a Daily Basis

But first, there are two things you need to know before going to find great blog post ideas.

Identify and write about your niche.

Deliver Valuable Content.

Both are very important if you want to be a successful and more likely content writer.

1. Get Blog Post Ideas Using “Ahref”

The first way to generate highly engaging blog post ideas is by using ahref. I really love to read content at Ahref on a daily and weekly basis.

I think you have never heard this before and Ahref is a great way that you can use to organize your blog post ideas.

It’s a keyword research tool that most people use to get more valuable, low-competition, and easy-to-rank keywords.

But if you want to know how to write a good blog post such as the format of the blog post then Ahref is an all-in-one solution for all content marketers.

2. Get Blog Post Ideas By Exploring Udemy Courses.

Yes, The second amazing place is a Udemy for finding ideas for your blog posts. Get new tons of blog post ideas just by using Udemy, here’s an in-depth guide about how to use and find blog post ideas.

3. Blog Post Topic Ideas Using Some (Online Tools)

Online tools are an alternative solution for you to get blog post ideas such as

Ubersuggest, It has a free version with limited options which is enough you can use to generate more interesting blog post ideas.

Semrush, Is the most trusted online tool you can use with multiple options.

Such as checking your blog performance and more.

4. Get Blog Post Ideas Using Social Networks.

There are three most trending platforms I would suggest you use to get blog post ideas

Identified the problem people are struggling with and turned it into an amazing more likely blog post.


I have noticed that the major reason you have ideas about what topics I need to write because you are still you have confusion what’s the primary topics of your blog.

By the way, you can also write a blog post from the comments and the customer’s questions.

In conclusion, I just want to tell you that reading & daily practice of writing is the only way to get blog post ideas.