Make Money Online Writing on Medium Website- Full Beginner Guide

If you have a little bit of knowledge in writing no matter what is your niche and what is your writing experience then you have come to the right place.

Because In this guide, I’m going to teach you exactly how to make money online writing on Medium website.

You can consider Medium reviews in 2023.

I will also tell you, what I learned on Medium after publishing 750+ articles on the Medium website in just 1.5 years

It means I make money on Medium just by writing articles, then you can do this too, it is a very simple and very easy way to get started yes keep reading!

Again This is a step-by-step guide for those people who just want to start blogging online, improve their writing skills, and also wants to monetize their work quickly and effectively.

What you’re going to learn in this article:

  • What is a Medium website?
  • Is Medium free?
  • Why Medium is so popular?
  • Can anybody write an article on Medium?
  • How to make money writing on Medium website?
  • What is Medium Partner Program?
  • Can anyone join the Medium Partner Program?
  • How to Join Medium Partner Program?
  • My Medium Earnings Proof?
  • What should beginners write about on Medium?
  • What is the most read topic on Medium?
  • How to increase Medium earnings in 5 secrets Steps?

So, first of all, let’s start with my Journey with Medium. Basically, I’m active on Medium since in Feb 2021 but I start writing on Medium website in August 2021.

So far I have published over 700+ articles on Medium and earned $1,000+ from the Medium partner program which is a primary way to make money on Medium’s website.

There are so many benefits if you start writing on Medium!

It will help you to reach millions of online readers, Make money, Build a brand, and later on sell courses online and teach other people how to start writing business on Medium.

If you’re using Medium first time then I highly recommend you, join the Medium membership program and in return explore things and also support other creators here on Medium.

Here’s the link if you want to sign up!!

It cost you $5 a month and get full access to Medium and read an unlimited articles from other top writers.

Now let’s start with basic things!

What is Website? is US based company launched in 2012, for writers where we as a writer can easily share our thoughts and ideas with 172 million worldwide users.

If you as a writer going to start your journey on Medium then you need to keep in mind these things first,

“Focus on creating amazing stories that people will love to read”

Is Medium free?

It is free to join as a writer and as a reader but if you want to get unlimited access on Medium then Medium charge $5 a month and $50 per year.

Check out the whole process and how it works with the statement of the CEO of Medium.

Why Medium is so popular?

It is a highly ranked website It gets more quick views as compared to your WordPress blog. Monetize your work as quickly as possible.

Can anybody write an article on Medium?

Yes, anybody can write articles for the Medium website if you never write before It is easy to get started and get more and more views on your Medium story.

How to make money writing on Medium website?

There are four main ways to make money writing on Medium website!

Join the Medium Partner Program

Promote Medium Membership Program link

Collect tips from Medium

Sell offers on Medium and Make money online.

What is Medium Partner Program?

It is a way to monetize your Medium content and get paid based on views, reads, and member reading time.

Can anyone join the Medium Partner Program?

The short answer is no, In order to join the Medium partner program you need to live in these countries.

Countries list that is eligible for Medium Partner Program!

Image credit medium Medium partner program page

How to Join Medium Partner Program?

If you want to join the Medium program then you need to have these things first.

100 followers on Medium accounts

Eligible country

Published at least one story then apply for the Medium partner program.

Your age should be 18+

My Medium Earnings Proof?

Now, the motivational part starts here with how much money I have made so far on Medium after publishing 700+ stories Go and check out the whole detailed articles on medium.

What should beginners write about on Medium?

Here’s my short message for you if you’re a complete beginner and want to write on Medium.

Beginners should write about, 100 followers on Medium, and how to get more views and reads on Medium.

These are very low competition and high search volume topics you’re going to write on medium.

What is the most read topic on Medium?

Make money online, the best side hustle to start online, self-improvement, and how to become more productive and disciplined.

These are very most read topics here on Medium.

How to increase Medium earnings in 5 Secrets Steps

If you’re in the Medium partner program, the second problem a lot of newbies faced is on Medium. how to get more reads, and followers, and ultimately how to increase Medium earnings.

Don’t worry I found the perfect solution for this. Here’s my ebook where I shared with you the 5+secret steps to increase your Medium earnings.

Make money online by writing

Click here and start reading

In the end, Here’s a quick overview of Medium platforms,

If you want to get quick and instant overnight results then Medium is not for you. It is a real, writing business, It means writing on a medium and making money by writing each and every single month.

However, If you have to believe in yourself then everything is possible.

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