What Do I need to Start Making Money with Medium- Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering how to make money with Medium? And how to get started as a complete beginner also How did I go from $0 to $900 on Medium without any investment? And more.

So in this guide, You will learn everything about Medium. This is not just an article about Medium this is my own journey with Medium.

In this post you’ll learn these things:

  • How to get started with Medium as a Complete beginner?
  • Can you really Make Money On Medium? How? Give me proof
  • Is Writing on Medium worth it in 2022? WordPress vs Medium which one is best?
  • How Much you can expect to Make On Medium? It is possible to make a full-time income on Medium?

But in the beginning, I want to give a Disclaimer… Because your time is more important than my article.

This site does not work worldwide. Click here and see whether your country is listed or not.

And now, if your country is listed then, first of all, congratulations, and keep reading.

How to Make Money With Medium- Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners.

First of all, here are my earnings for all the time I have made so far with Medium Partner Program.

$900 Earning Proof on Medium- Make Money With Medium
screenshot by authors

Basically, I start my writing journey with Medium in August 2021 almost one year ago with Basic English knowledge.

And this is the only thing I personally like on Medium which is writing anything and everything you want and get paid every month in your Stripe account then receiving your money in your local bank account or in Payoneer.

When I made $0.69 on Medium first I thought that this is not a good website for making money online as a writer but when I realize that my writing skills are not good as compared to other native writers which means

In Maths input= output

After that, I work very hard both day and night on Medium. Right Now I have 5k followers and normally I post daily one story per day and sometimes twice a day.

Check out my Medium profile if you want by the way…

As I mentioned earlier, making money with Medium is very easy as compared to a WordPress blog.

You don’t need to get visitors from the Google search engine. Because Medium already holds a huge audience.

According to Ubersuggest, every single month Medium generates 33.1 Million visitors.

Step-by-step guide on how to start working with Medium?

First of all, create an account that is 100 percent free. And then what steps do you need to take here is the article I update a few weeks ago related to Medium. How to create a blog on Medium and make money online.

Can you really Make Money On Medium?

Yes, It is a 100 percent legit site that allows you to write and get paid even with basic English skills. So many people are making thousands of dollars each and every single month just by posting 150-word to 500 words short articles.

Is Writing on Medium worth it in 2022?

The answer is yes. On Medium you can make money from different sources such as a Medium partner program, Affiliate Marketing, Gust posting, etc.

How Much you can expect to Make On Medium?

On average, in the beginning, making $100 a month is a very simple process and after that, you can replace it as a full-time job.

Final thoughts:

It is a reality that Medium values our content, No doubt creating content takes time but after that making it profitable should not if you’re working with Medium.

Here is the course that will help you to write better SEO-friendly content click here and start learning today.

Hopefully, I never miss any point in this post, But still if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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