This is How Much Money I Have Made with My Blog in the Month Of February.

A very honest monthly blog February 2023 income report.

From day one I have a simple vision to achieve big in life and don’t hide anything from the audience.

In fact today I’m going to share with you my income proof that I have made in the month of February.

I will explain everything about blogging so that if you’re new to blogging or struggling to monetize your existing blog.

In both situations, my guide helps you lot how to Money by blogging in the right.

Always remember as a New blogger there’s no shortcut to success in blogging to get massive results in one night. I will show you why I use this sentence with you.

Blogging is a passive income business it can easily change your lifestyle, your financial issues and more do it in the right way.

In other words, learn from the mistakes I did when I started as a blogger and make your blogging journey very successful.

Now it’s time to move forward to reveal other things with you that I promised with you at the beginning of the article.

Let’s start with the articles and how many articles I usually published on my blog in the month of February 2023.
The answer is nine. Yes only published 9 articles and all the articles are about the information you need to know in order to start a more successful blogging journey.

By the way, Don’t forget to check the previous article that I have published on my blog and improve your blogging experience improve your writing skills, and more. 

So, this is my last 28 days’ blog Google search console results.

Incredible boost you can see I reach the 3k daily impression from 10.

And these results are possible due to your support thanks for reading and engaging with my content.

In the below image check my blog google analytics report.

Amazing improvement from 5 users to 60 users per day. I know these numbers are not huge but for me, It considers great numbers.

EARNINGS, how much money I have made after these results and what are my primary monetization method,

Amazon, Yes, I make $7.64 in the month of my blog.

I only Monetize my blog with Amazon, and I hope I will try other ways to earn money through my blog.

If you are wondering what’s the step-by-step guide to starting a more profitable blogging business with low risks and high rewards then I have details articles about how to start a blog in 2023.

However, if you want to learn from my mistakes then check this article.

In the end, Every time as a blogger the quickest way to generate income through the blog is by joining affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is the first way to make money with your blog. Promote products and services and get paid.

There are serval affiliate programs you can join in 2023. But always join related to your niches that’s the key to success in blogging.

If you have a blog and mostly you published articles related to business marketing then promote Amazon books and earn a commission.