Pet Blogging- How to Start, Grow And Make Money With Pet Blogs

If you are here that means you are 70% ahead of other’s people who want to start their blog but struggling with how to get started as a complete beginner.

Why you are ahead is because you have a clear plan that you are going to start a blog at pet niche!

You have successfully identified the topics of your blog.

I know as a full-time blogger how hard it is to find the niche for your blog.

But today I have something different for you, I’m going to give you more in-depth and more valuable information about starting a pet blog.

To be honest, If you love pets, and want to turn your passion into a profitable side hustle then pet blogging is a great model for you.

This post is not just step by step guide about starting a blog with a pet niche but also you are going to learn how to earn money with your pet blog how and what type of articles you need to write for making more and more revenue.

At the end of the article, I will share with you the list of successful pet blogs and how they are making thousands of dollars on the internet with Multiple sources of income.

How Can I Start a Pet Blog?

It is super easy to start a pet blog and start putting content on your blog.

Here’s the next question that comes to our minds that

Is Pet Niche Profitable in 2023?

Keep in mind the pet products industries are growing day by day and you have an amazing opportunity to start your career with a pet blog.

What Actually Pet Blogging is?

Pet is a very popular and enjoyable niche for most people. And you as a pet blogger write content pet related, such as dog training and more.

How Much I Can Make Money With Pet Blog?

Work hard for at least 6 months with proper strategy after that make more than $1,000 per month with your blog.

How to Start, and Rank Pet Blogs in 2023?

Following step you need to take if you are serious and wants to make real money with pet blogging.

Make sure you have your own plus right platforms, in this case, WordPress is the great all-in-one solution for you.

Picking a profitable niche for your blog is the first key to success in blogging. No doubt, you have decided that you have a “pet niche”

Narrow down it is more competitive!

Cats, advice, and more

1. Pick a Domain Name

First, choose a domain name for your blog. Don’t worry if you are in confession that how to pick a domain name for my blog.

Always remember, your domain should be short, and easy to read.

Can I Pick My Name As a Domain for My Blog?

The short answer is yes, If you have a dream to build a brand with your name then I would suggest you choose a domain name from the market related to your name.

However, Use the Shopify Domain name generator to get relevant and high-quality domain ideas.

Once you have decided on the name of your blog, make sure you register your domain on the internet.

Different marketplaces allow you to register your domain name at very affordable prices. Such as NameCheap and hostinger etc.

2. Pick Hosting Plan For Your Blog

I don’t know what is your future plan in blogging but if you are totally beginner’s then I would suggest you get fast, and highly recommended Bluehost hosting. It offers you 24/7 fast services plus a free domain name, free SLL, And more.

3. Add a GeneratePress Theme for your Pet Blog

After that set up a theme for your WordPress blog and it too easy to install and design with basic settings.

It is the style and structure of your blog.

Now main work starts here before making income from your pet blog!

Keyword research, High engaging SEO Friendly content, and Link Building

Ways you can Make Money with your pet Blogs?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Join Ads Program

But before you need to know how to do keyword research in the right way, How to create more engaging content for your audience, and then publish it on your blogs.

Link Building is the only way that can help you to grow and rank your blog quickly and effectively.

That’s it this was the guide in order to make money with pet blogging.