3 Best Sites That Will Pay You to Write Articles Online in 2023

If you have writing experience then this post is for you.

Because in today’s guide, I’m going to share with you up to 5 best sites that will pay you to write articles online along with my top 2 choices so that you can easily pick the best ones for you and get paid by writing articles.

I will also shows you how much money I have made so far with these sites.

Content writing is the only skill that is still in high demand you can make tons of money by writing content for different purposes.

There are several platforms where you can make money by writing online but which one is best for you according to your writing experience Maybe It can be tough to easily decide

Don’t worry, I have the list of sites that will pay you to write articles online plus I have a great experience with these sites let’s get started.

What are the best sites that pay you by writing articles?

Here,s my top picks for sites that will pay by writing articles.


Best for Beginners and get paid on the monthly basis.

It is a free blogging site that allows you as a writer to write content and make money Check how much money I have made in the month of January 2023 with Medium by clicking on this link.

Medium is one of the best and most highly recommended sites that will pay you as a content writer.

How to get started with Medium and make money?

In fact, It is too easy to start writing on Medium.

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Writing any type of article and make money on vocal.media. It is an alternative to Medium.com But things you need to know before start publishing articles on vocal.media

Your articles should be 600 words long,

That’s it


In order to make money on newsbreak you need to join newsbreak contributor programs after that write anything and get paid.

Your content should be original, and high quality so that people love to read and ultimately you make money by writing articles online.

Do you love the lists of sites that allow you to work as a content writer without doing freelancing and looking for a job, write anything you want, based on your passion, your knowledge, and the expertise you have?

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