5 Things to Do Before Starting a Successful Blog in 2024

Running a successful blogging business is not an easy process it requires a lot of hard work, content planning for the blog, and start learning new things about how to start a profitable blog.

Blogging is easier for you if you have information plus the right tool.

In fact, In this post, I’m going to share with you 5 things to do before starting a successful blog. To be honest, these are the things I wish I knew when I started my journey as a blogger now it’s time to reveal them with you.

What are the things you need to know In order to start a successful blogging journey?

1. Platforms

Choose a good platform for blogging, Here a lot of new people make mistakes because they don’t know which platform is more profitable for blogging,

Such as

Wix, Blogger, Medium, WordPress.

I highly recommend you to start with WordPress. Don’t be confused and go with WordPress.org rather than WordPress.com

It is a more beneficial platform for blogging. And you can easily create your blog posts and design your blog on your own terms.

2. Choose Minimum 2 Years Hosting Plan:

If you’re going to start blogging with WordPress.org then you need to have a hosting plan. There are many hosting platforms provider available but I suggest you go with Bluehost which is the recommendation of WordPress.

And choose up to 2 years of the plan, Save money, and just focus on creating high-quality content for your blog.

3. Choose a Specific Niche:

90% of people start blogging without identifying a niche for their blog. Never ever make these kinds of mistakes if you are going to start a long terms blogging business.

In my case, I have a blog with my name Asad Educate and I just talk about blogging, affiliate marketing, and how to improve writing.

I have a clear plan for my blog and also it is more beneficial for you to write more and more blog posts.

4. Monetization:

Keep in mind, what type of audience you are going to target in your blog. And what’s the goal of monitization?

In other words, how you can make money with your blog, such as Affiliate marketing by writing a blog post on different products or services or you have the plan to monetize your blog with Google Adsense or other ads networks such as Ezoic, mediavine

5. Don’t ignore Social Media:

In the beginning, For getting traffic on your blog social media is a great opportunity for you. Because you have no ideas, no one knows what type of content you posts.

Even Google takes some time then they trust on your blog.

So use Social media, build backlinks, drive traffic, and take your blog journey to the next level.

My most trusted and most recommended platforms where I personally like to share my content are Quora and Pinterest.

Yes, these are the only platforms that will help you a lot to get traffic on your blog. Check my recently published stories where I share my personal strategy on Pinterest and how I reach at 1 million views monthly by sharing images.

Following are the things you need to do before starting a successful and profitable blog as a side hustle.