3 Mindblowing Traffic Ideas For New Bloggers- Increase Visibility Rank Higher

The Biggest Issue a new blogger faced in their blogging journey is- How to get traffic on blog? And traffic plays’ the most important role in your blog.

In terms of getting leads, promoting digital products, selling courses, and making income from blogs.

In fact, In today’s guide, I have 3 mindblowing traffic ideas for new bloggers.

That means no more stress and no more research about getting traffic on your blog. This proven strategy will help you to grow your blogging business in the right way.

This post is very helpful for you if you want to get traffic to your blog.

But first keep in mind, that blogging is more different in the 2020s as compared to the 2015s Yes.

In order to become a successful blogger you need to work on these things first.

  1. Write multiple blog posts every single day instead of writing one blog post per week.
  2. Focus on the length of the blog post, length should be 1500 words, to 2000 words long instead of writing 250 words or 500 words blog posts.
  3. Spend more and more time on your blog.
  4. Growing a blog is a difficult process work hard in the first 6 months then you’ll be able to generate income from your blog.

How to Get Traffic on Blog As A Complete Beginner?

There are three main ways, I personally like to use and I also suggest you too.

1. Write trending content for your blog

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find trending topics for a blog to write content.

It is super easy. 

Few weeks ago, we saw the popularity of chatgpt.

Most new bloggers write reviews of articles on it and get good and quality traffic on your blog.

This was not the last time every single day something new, interesting and people in the shape of readers want to know about what exactly is and how to use it in the proper way.

Before writing content for your blog make sure to focus on creating high-quality and highly engaged headlines.

A headline and a great introduction are play’s most important role for getting traffic and engagement on your blog article.

In other words, give your best all the time.

Because your focus should be building more and more followers.

Spend most of the time on your blog if you want to become a successful blogger.

It is a reality that you can’t make money with blogging if you have no plans for building growing traffic to your blog

Give your hundred percent for writing a growing blog in order to sell something and make money with the blog.

2. Make a plan and be consistent with your blog.

Most of the time we’re struggling to monetize our existing blog.

Is just because we’re not taking blogging seriously.

We have no idea how blogging can change our Life but first blogs demand high-quality content in the shape of foods.

That’s what I would suggest to you.

Create high-quality and lengthy blog articles.

Update your old content and add some new and fresh content.

Make sure you have a clear plan for blog content

3. Use Quora High-quality source of traffic for your blog.

If you’re new to blogging then google will check you how consistent and serious you are in blogging.

At this time Quora support you a lot just join niche-based spaces on Quora apply as a contributor and share your blog article into it and build High authority and engaging traffic for your blog.

These are the steps that help me to reach more and more audiences without running any kind of paid ads. Check my Lastest Guide in which I talk about my income report in blogging.

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