What Type of Blogs Make the Most Money? A Step by Step Guide

In this post, I will tell you exactly what type of blogs make the most money online and ultimately how you can start a money-making blog from scratch.

Let’s start with the basic Question.

It is Profitable For Starting a blog in 2023?

Yes, even in 2023 blogging is still profitable to make passive income online. But there are several things you need to know before launching a blog.

What blogs make the most money?

  • Technology blogs,
  • Finance blogs,
  • Dogs Blogs
  • Self-improvement blogs,
  • Online earnings blogs

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What are blogs?

Blogging is not just writing content on Google on any topic and getting paid It is a way to be a middleman between users and search engines.

In other words, solve other people’s problems and in return make money.

How to start a blog?

Before starting your blog, first of all, you need to choose a topic for your blog. There are many ways you can find topics, categories, or niches for your blog but in this case, you can use the most highly demanding platforms like Quora and Reddit.

Also, you can easily choose a topic for your blog based on the passion and interest or knowledge you have in specific categories.

In the next steps, you need to have basic knowledge of keyword research.

A term user type in the Google search bar is known as keyword research. In the market, there are thousands of keyword research tools available that give the way how user normally searches for specific products or services.

Create content for your blog: Create highly engaging content for your blog because in order to rank higher you need to know how to write helpful content for your blog.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any writing experience, for this you can also outsource just hire a freelancer.

How to Rank a Blog

The ranking is one of the most important factors for any blog. In the beginning, you just focus on quality content and On-Page SEO.

In other words, get traffic on your blog so that your blog build authority in the eyes of Google.

Proper headlines, high-converting introductions, putting main keywords in the titles of the article also in repeat the same keywords in your whole content two to three times.

Add a beautiful image plus alt text in the image.

How to Make Money with a Blog?

It’s time to start making money with a blog, there are several ways you can monetize your blog Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, guest posting, sponsor posts, start selling courses, digital downloads eBooks, etc.


To be honest, you can make tons of money with your blog it totally depends upon your topics, the way you write content for your blog, SEO, how to get traffic organically, and build an online presence.