Medium Reviews (2024) Why You Should Write For

No doubt, Medium is a brilliant platform to get started as a new blogger It offers you many options that make your blogging journey very successful.

At the beginning of the article, I want to tell you one thing yes only one thing that is

If you want to start and make money by blogging without knowing & doing search engine optimization must try

Should You Write For Is it Worth

The answer is yes, it is worth and you must write for Medium even in 2023.

The audience is growing day by day on Medium, It has great potential, But in today’s guide, I just want to explain why you should & should not write on Medium.

All the things I want to share with you are based on my experience because so far I’ve Published more than 900+ stories on Medium.

And I took Medium very seriously in August 2021.

Now, I’ve 10,000+ followers and I’m making four figures just by writing articles based on my knowledge, passion, and interest.

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This article is divided into two main important parts,

In the first part, I will tell you some reasons why you should write on Medium, and in the other parts I will teach you, why you should not write for Medium.

So let’s start with the first part.

Reasons Why You Should Write For Medium?

1. The first one is Popularity:

Yes, It’s a very popular blogging platform you can start with little to no effort without experience & investment and after that, you will be able to make money and also promote your brand When comes to traffic

Medium generates nearly a 33.1million monthly visitors

How to get started just click on the sign-up button and then your account is ready for use.

2. Easily Make Money

It has a Partner Program where you can start making full-time income just by writing stories. By the way, you need to fulfill the minimum criteria of the Medium partner program.

  • Published at least 1 article.
  • You need to have a minimum of 100 followers.

Achieve the above criteria then apply for a partner program and monetize your Medium blog.

Reasons You Should Not Write for Medium

There’s no quick rich scheme in other words You can’t make huge money on Medium.

Growing on Medium takes time, more importantly, it demands regular work.

If you have a plan to start affiliate marketing using Medium then Medium itself automatically removes your stories

First, build trust, add quality then start promoting affiliate offers by adding disclaimers at the end of each story in which you’re going to promote affiliate products or services.