7 Viral & More Profitable YouTube Niches With Low Competition in 2023

If you want to become successful as a YouTuber then you need to focus on one topic not many. The more specific niche you have on youtube, the more chances you will be successful on YouTube.

This is the only thing I wish I had known when I started my own YouTube Channel. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you to choose the best, viral youtube niches with low competition and high earning potential.

Before introducing the low-competition niches for youtube I want to share with you the potential of youtube.

YouTube is one of the best, passive income businesses if you’re going to start even in 2023. Now let’s start with the basic questions that are 2023 too late to start a YouTube Channel?

And my short answer is no. It is still profitable to start a YouTube Channel in 2023. It is possible to become a successful YouTuber but first, you need to choose a youtube niche with low competition, and high traffic in order to make a good amount of money from YouTube.

So, What are the best youtube niches with low competition? Ok here are the 3 YouTube Channel ideas to start in 2023.

Top 7 Best Youtube Niches 2023

These are the Best youtube niche ideas 2023

#1- How to Learn the English Language

How to Learn the English Language
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This is the most popular, viral topic for you if you want to start your journey with YouTube. Why? Because It is an international language, everyone with me wants to learn, English in the right way speaking, writing, etc.

Make Tutorials for all kinds of students such as for basics, intermediate, and advanced, and upload them on YouTube.

Enjoy revenue with the YouTube Partner Program Sell ebooks, Sell courses, and more.

#2- How to Learn Python

how to learn python
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Python is the most popular program language, Just start a YouTube Channel and start teaching how to learn python quickly, effectively, and for free.

Don’t worry if you don’t have python skills, Go and find a python related youtube channel and follow them.

Get ideas on how they teach python on their channel that’s it, You can also do this same process on your YouTube channel using google docs, Powerpoint, etc.

#3- How to live a healthy life

 How to live a healthy life
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Everyone wants to know how to live a healthy life, Share some tips, foods, exercise, etc and grow your youtube channel in 2023.

In the beginning, you can make m money with Affiliate marketing, in other words, promote amazon products and make a commission.

But keep in mind, Becoming a YouTuber is a simple process, but if you want to become a successful YouTuber, you need to put something new, engaging, and quality content on youtube.

#4- Side Hustle For Beginners

Side Hustle For Beginners
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74% of people hate their job in America and they want to start the best side hustles, So you as a content creator make videos on your YouTube Channel on how to start the best side hustle and make a passive income each month.

#5- SEO in 2023

SEO in 2023
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The way to make more money with YouTube Channel is a very competitive topic but still profitable in 2023. Teach people how to do SEO in 2023- What are the best strategies you need to apply for their online business in order to receive traffic from search results?

#6- Products Reviews in 2023

Products Reviews in 2023
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There are thousands of channels that are making a good amount of money each and every month on youtube just by uploading product reviews content.

It is a more easy and effective way to make money on YouTube.

Also, focus on one product and make revenue in different ways such as affiliate marketing and Ads revenue.

#7- Share information about ChatGPT

How to Use it the Right way. To be honest this is the only topic with this help people are making thousands of dollars and millions of views in just weeks.

Yes, the high traffic low competition niches for youtube is ChatGPT share information as quickly as possible and grow your youtube channel.

Here’s the proof.

YouTube Niches With Low Competition

Just make a short course and then upload it on YouTube and Make passive income online with different sources ads revenue, affiliate marketing, etc.


Want to live a financially freedom life you need to build a passive income business and the YouTube is the best place to get started, With Content consumers also become content creators and make money online.

These are the overall best youtube niches with low competition you could explore and start earning with youtube.

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